Diversity and inclusion

At METRO, we celebrate diversity and inclusion as they lie at the heart of our company culture. We value the richness of differences among our employees, thus creating a team that mirrors our clients and the communities we serve.

What we offer

A fair, diverse, and inclusive work environment for all.
Recognition and appreciation of every skill and difference.
A culture where diversity is a major asset for individual growth.

Diversity, our strength

Present in all facets of our operations: stores, pharmacies, distribution centres, and administrative offices.
Integrated into our corporate DNA, fostering everyone's development.
A crucial element in fostering an inspiring and motivating team dynamic.

Join us to fully unleash your potential and express your true essence within a team where diversity serves as a constant source of inspiration.

Three axes to diversity

Accelerate the impact and results of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I)

We work daily to ensure that our existing policies and programs are inclusive and promote diversity, aiming to achieve fair representation internally of the communities representing our customers at all levels of the company.

Develop a diverse talent pool ready to ensure succession

We take concrete action to develop the skills of team members from diverse backgrounds in order to prepare a diverse and competent next generation of employees, notably by taking charge of high-potential employees through various internal programs such as the mentoring program, LEAD training, internal movements, special projects, etc.

Strengthen the Inclusive Organizational Culture

We offer training and awareness activities to our team members on diversity and inclusion issues so that everyone becomes allies of diversity.

Magnus cards logo

Partnership with MagnusCards

Because we believe in extending inclusivity to the people and communities we serve, METRO is proud to be the first Canadian grocery store to participate in the MagnusCards initiative. This is an application that supports autistic and neurodiverse people, enhancing their autonomy and facilitating their shopping experiences. While shopping in our Metro and Jean Coutu banners, these customers can now refer to the MagnusCards application for guidance during the various stages of shopping.